When are entries due?

Entries are due 9th May. Please make sure you’ve completed at least the online part of the process by this date. We may be able to accept entries after this date in regions where it won’t alter heats scheduling arrangements.

What are the Smokefreerockquest Conditions of Entry?

  Click on the Terms and conditions link at the very bottom of each page, or you can find them at the start of the entry process.

I can’t make it to my regional Heat/Final, can I enter in a neighbouring region instead?

Not this year!  Although we have allowed it in the past, there has been increasing ill-feeling being created, especially where it leads to schools winning in more than one region.

What happens if one of our band members leaves school after we enter?

You need to let us know as soon as possible. There are various options available, depending on what stage of the competition it happens. You can always perform without them, but you can only replace them prior to your first performance in the competition. Changing schools is not a problem, but you will still need to contact us.

When will the photos from our region be in Gallery to view?

We try to upload to the site as soon as we can after each event, but due to the amount of photos and events there can be a delay. Please be patient!

How does the Rockshop Second Chance award work? Do performances at our school count towards it?

Rockshop Second Chance is for performers who have been selected to perform at a Regional Final or have previously be placed at a Regional Final, and for any reason don’t perform at their best. Details coming soon at www.rockshop.co.nz

How does the People’s Choice Award work?

In the lead-up to, and at each regional final, the public/audience can vote via text who they think is best on the night. The band with the most texts at the end of each evening will win it. You can only vote for any band once per phone number, so get your mates along.

What kind of gear will there be to play on at the events? Will there be footswitches? What do we need to bring?

There will be footswitches, and we’ll post details of the backline when we get it. Prior to each event, you will be given info on what you need to bring.

What do we do if we can’t make the time assigned to our band, or need a specific time for the regional finals?

Contact Glenn, Dan or Matt at Smokefreerockquest. We will do what we can to help.

What time do the regional finals start and finish?

Doors open at 6.30pm, and the show usually kicks off at 7pm. Expect the show to end around 10.00pm. Band members are to be at the venue for briefing at 6.00pm.

What time will the Regional heats start?

The times for these will depend on the region. We will send you confirmation of when your performance slot will be.

How much are tickets to regional finals? Are there door sales?

For ticket prices, best to check with the Smokefreerockquest ticket seller in your region. Click on the map to select your region. Yes, there are door sales, providing that the event is not sold out.

We entered a while ago but haven’t heard back or received any information. What should we do?

Contact Glenn, Dan or Matt at Smokefreerockquest HQ to see what’s up, especially if you didn’t get forms to sign emailed to you when you filled out your entry form on line.

We’ve spelt our band name wrong, how can we get it fixed?

Contact Glenn, Dan or Matt at Smokefreerockquest HQ, or let the organisers know when you check in for the heats. If you are in a region without heats, please notify Glenn, Dan or Matt prior to the event day.

How do we change our band name that we entered into Smokefreerockquest?

Contact Glenn, Dan or Matt at Smokefreerockquest HQ

Can we add, remove or change the members of our band once we’ve entered into Smokefreerockquest?

You can add a band member, but you will need new forms to be signed off by your principal/HOD and guardian. Changing band members can only be done before the first time you play. Get hold of Glenn, Dan or Matt at the Smokefreerockquest HQ for the new forms. NB this can’t be done via the online entry process – you need to ring us.

Who can enter Smokefreerockquest?

1.All contestants must be enrolled in and attend a school for at least 15 hours a week. If you leave school during the course of the competition, you become ineligible to continue. You can change schools during the competition. (School means secondary, area, intermediate, primary or correspondence school.)

2.All contestants must be no older than 19 (nineteen) years of age on 9 May, 2016 . (You may be asked to supply proof of eligibility).

3.Smokefreerockquest is for unsigned bands and individuals only. No contestant/s can sign a recording or Management contract prior to or during the competition without the prior written approval of Rockquest Promotions Ltd.

4.A student can only enter in a maximum of one Smokefreerockquest band AND/OR  one Solo/duo.


Can people play in more than one band, or enter in a band AND as a soloist?

This has changed slightly this year.
You CAN enter in a band AND as a solo/duo, as long as your solo/duo entry is in the online SOLO/DUO region (your Solo/Duo entry will not perform at a regional event).

You still can’t enter in more than one band, or more than one Solo/duo though.


How long do we get to play for? What happens if we play over time? Is guitar tuning between songs counted?

During the heats, each band is allowed to perform 1 song each (up to 5mins). At the finals each band is given 7 minutes of performance time, and Solo/Duos are to play one song 9up to 5 Min). You can expect 30 seconds grace, but do not go over time, as it will lead to loss of points or disqualification. Allowance will be made for any tuning between songs or technical malfunctions.

My band is pulling out of Smokefreerockquest. Who do we contact to let know?

Contact Glenn, Dan or Pete at Smokefreerockquest HQ

Will our regional final be broadcast on TV?

TV shoot footage at some of the regional finals and will broadcast snippets at their discretion – so we can’t give you any specifics about who, where or what will be on TV.

Can we play the same song we played at the heats at the Final?

You can play whatever qualifying song you want, but if the judges liked it during the first time, it might pay to play it again!

Do the songs entered in the APRA Lyrics Writers Award have to be the songs that my band plays at the event?

No. Lyrics are viewed as their own thing entirely and don’t HAVE to be performed at any of the Smokefreerockquest events. They don’t even have to be written by someone entered in a band, as long as they are at school.

If we entered the APRA Lyric Writers competition, do we have to be at the event to receive the award?

No. Although it would be great if you were!

What happens after winning a regional final?

If you place 1st or 2nd in either the Band or Solo/duo category, you are eligible to submit a video entry to go into the selection process towards the National Final.

What format do videos have to be when submitting to be evaluated for the National Finals? Can it be of us playing live?

Submit on DVD or memory stick please. It must be of you playing live, but you don’t have to do this at a gig.

Do bands get to bring an extra person or photographer along for free to the regional finals?

No, sorry. Only band members and approved Music Teachers get free entry. The event is photographer- friendly though. Filming and photos for non-professional use is allowed at all events. Footage from the events can’t be sold or broadcast without approval of Rockquest Promotions LTD.

What is the running order for my regions final?


What are the sections on the heats judging score sheet out of?


Do we get any feedback from the judges about our performances?

Yes. If you don’t make it through the heats, your score sheet will be emailed to you afterwards. If you do make it through to the Final, your score sheet will be given to along with your passes and information about the Final. Your Regional Final comment sheets will be emailed to you after the event. Comment sheets from video entries to be considered for the National Finals will be sent out at the conclusion of the process in August.

What time do we need to turn up before an event?

Turn up to the venue at least 30 minutes before your allotted time in case we’re running early.

Do we get a sound check at any of the events?

No. This is due to amount of bands playing at each event, and not wanting to give any one band an unfair advantage. The PA and stage have been sound checked by the crew before performances.

How do we enter the APRA Lyrics Writers Award?

Download the entry form (coming soon), fill it in, and post it to Smokefreerockquest. Otherwise you can fill out an entry form at the event.