Radio and TV

by Jesse Austin, with thanks to Tearaway.

Now that you have your hit song in your back pocket, and the song is uploaded to the internet, it is time to get people listening! Advertising yourself on Facebook can only go so far, so it is time to try to get on radio and television.

Radio and television can be great platforms to spread your music to a wider audience and grow your fanbase. Here are a few tips and tricks to get your music on the airwaves.


Know the station’s demographic 

Make sure to research the station you are sending your music to. Know what sort of music they like to play and work out if you fit into that group. There is no point in sending your death metal to Mai FM; all it does is waste your time and theirs.

Have the package

Make sure your email to the station is warm and friendly, and that it says a bit about who you are as a band (what your name is, where you are from, what genre you are…). Include a download link to your music. Don’t bombard them with a whole album; rather one or two tracks. Also, don’t forget to include links to your social media, so the station can get an idea for who you are.

Remember to follow up 

Radio and TV programmers get bogged down is so many emails every day. Your email may easily disappear among the others, so do not be afraid to send a friendly follow-up email. There is no harm in making sure they got your message, just don’t be annoying and send it five minutes after your initial email.

Don’t be afraid 

There is no harm in emailing lots of different people; the worst you can hear is a ‘no’. It might even be beneficial and you may get some constructive feedback. Use this as an opportunity to make your music better than ever so that your next submission makes it through.

What about TV?

Television, like radio, plays music. You may be more familiar with music videos on channels like FOUR, but don’t forget that TV shows need music as well. This could be a great opportunity to get your music out there. An email to a TV producer, sharing your song with them, does not cause any harm, and is worth a shot!

TV and radio provide a huge untouched platform for you and your music, so make sure to reach out to those soon-to-be fans! Past Smokefreerockquest national finalist Matt Bidois from The Leers sums it up well, saying that the hard work you put in matters most:

“It is important to show the station that you’re a driven artist with ambition and that you have a good song to push.”


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