by Jesse Austin, with thanks to Tearaway.

Being a musician is not a cheap endeavour. From buying gear, to petrol money and even the time you give up! That’s why sometimes to embark on your next creative venture, you may need a little help and that is where funding agencies like NZ on Air come into play.

In early 2016, NZ on Air changed their funding model toward a more single-focused one. The two options of funding available run throughout the year, alternating the months in which they are given out. At most you can be funded for up to $30,000 for a multi-single project. This all sounds very enticing, and even you may be able to apply. Let’s see how it works.


Step 1  

Firstly you must meet the funding criteria. On of the most important parts of that is the financial contribution you must make. If you are applying for a single and video, it is $2,000 and if it is for a multi-single project it will be 40% of the amount applied for (NZ on Air provides the remaining 60%. You must then comply with the criteria here for the respective types of funding.



Step 2
This sounds silly, but you need to apply! Work out the specifics in your application, such as you will target your song to TV, radio or the internet and how the funding will be used to improve your song or video. You also need to decide what type of funding you are wanting to apply for.

The Funding Options – You have two decisions of what to apply for. There is a $10,000 grant which goes to the recording of a single and making of a video. The second is for between $7,500-$30,000 for funding for multi-single projects which can be used for recording, visual representation, artwork, promotion etc.

If you have reached the end of this article and seem to fit the criteria, then head on over to NZ on Air ( and right now! If you don’t, do not fret. If anything, it gives you some exciting things to work towards. Wellington musician Esteré says that “NZ on Air funding enables artists such as myself to realize creative dreams that they otherwise could not.”



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