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by Jesse Austin, with thanks to Tearaway

With the internet becoming more integral every year to musicians making a name for themselves, it pays to be aware of how to get your songs out to the masses. Besides Facebook messaging Grandma the Soundcloud link to your latest single, there are a few other ways to get yourself out there – most notably, getting posted on blogs.

Music blogs are constantly looking for the next big thing and want to be the first to break a new sound. These blogs can have only a hundred or so followers up to a few hundred thousand, so they can definitely help with exposure of your music beyond your friends and the local gigging scene. Here are my five tips and tricks when it comes to getting posted on blogs!

  • Make Sure You’re Accessible – You may be among the few hundred people every day submitting your music to a specific blog, so if the writers have to spend time downloading your music, they may just skip to the next email. Make sure to include Soundcloud or Bandcamp links to the tracks you are promoting so that your music is only one click away!
  • Who Is Your Audience? – Many different blogs cater to different genres of music. Make sure you scout the right ones out and find who your music fits best with.
  • Follow Up – Sometimes an email can get lost amongst everything else. Sometimes a blogger might receive your music as they enter an important meeting. They might just completely forget about you! No reply does not mean the answer is no, so make sure to follow up your original email asking if they had the time to check out your track. Just make sure you a polite and give them time. No one likes a nag!
  • Sell Yourself – Sometimes your music can stand on its own, but the general case is that people want a story. Let the blogs know what makes your music special and unique. Was it recorded in a cabin in the woods? Did you record your whole album in a day in a barn? Let them know what makes you special.
  • Be Prepared – The harsh reality is is that not everyone will like your music. While you may have written the most banging track since Kids of 88’s My House, some of the blogs might not see it that way. Make sure you persevere and just move on to the next one. There are many blogs out there, so there is bound to be one that will give you a chance!


Sending your music out to strangers can be scary, but there are some great NZ websites willing to promote Kiwi material. Along with Tearaway, NZ Musician is always looking for new local acts to cover. Editor Silke Hartung sums it up well when she says ‘I would say asking nicely goes a long way. Just make sure you have the basics covered, like letting us know where you’re actually from, what genre you roughly think you fit in, and please give us a working link to your website/social media presence’


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