Before Hitting the Studio

by Jesse Austin, with thanks to Tearaway.

Now that you have written your hit single, and your fans’ screams deafen you when you play it live, it is now time for you to record your song. Your fans are your fans because they like your music, so it is important to give them something to listen to when they can’t see you at a gig.

Whether recording at home or heading into a studio, it is important to have a plan before you begin. There is not much point spending money and time unsure as to what you are doing, so hopefully these few tips will help you in preparing to record your next banger!

Practice! Practice! Practice!
If you know your parts, you will save time. Simple as that. Whether you are recording at a studio or in your garage, the quicker you can get stuff done, the less the creative flow will be disturbed. It is so much nicer having a great performance on file than thinking a bad one can be edited. Nothing can replace a good take.


Know What You Want
Think about how you want to go about recording the song. Do you want to add parts and create lush soundscapes that you don’t play live? Do you want it to be recorded all live together in the same room? Make sure this is all thought about prior, so you don’t have to worry about sorting it out on the day.


Be Open To Change
If you are working by yourselves, it can be hard to be objective, but if you are working with a producer or engineer, make sure to listen. They may have some pearls of wisdom about a different way to record your setup, or a way to change up the song. It may be hard to listen to their feedback, but it will more than likely be helpful. If working by yourself, try and see what could be done differently. Be open to change stuff before you walk through the door.


Be Prepared
Time is of the essence when recording, so much sure your gear is all up to spec. Make sure your instruments are clean and are working properly, try have some spare cables, and do not in anyway forget anything! Broken or forgotten gear can be a huge time waster.


Communication is key between producer and/or bandmates. Everyone, at the end of the day will want something slightly different. If everyone is clear about their intentions and what they want, it will be a lot quicker and easier to achieve a recording that everyone is happy with.


Nothing can properly prepare you for your first recording experience, but hopefully these tips will help you be ready for the first time you lay down your tracks!



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